No one can imagine what The Jewish Caring Network means to the families they help. I know because over twenty years ago, when I was first struck with cancer, I was living in a community where The Jewish Caring Network didn't exist.

Now, once again, I am afflicted with a different (unrelated) type of cancer, but, thankfully, there is The Jewish Caring Network in my life. I don't have to worry that my young children will not be able to get to school, or to after-school programs. If I am too ill to take them for shoes or a haircut, The Jewish Caring Network does it. When I am too ill to cook dinner, I don't have to worry. My children are not embarrassed, because the house is always clean—of course, because of The Jewish Caring Network. I needed a small refrigerator in my bedroom, so my children don't get into my medication—guess who supplied it?

My husband, who had worked for the same company for a duration of 25 years found himself unemployed. The firm closed. We had to pay our own health insurance until he found a job. Then, when he found a job, he took it at 50 percent less pay. I know from past experience that without The Jewish Caring Network's help, we would not have been able to survive in a mentshlichkeit way.

I have spoken to family members of three other families with terminal illnesses being helped by this incredible organization. We have one thing in common—yes, we are afraid, yes, we don't know what tomorrow will bring—what we do know is that we have help to get through whatever G-d has planned for us. We are not alone—we have The Jewish Caring Network.


To the special women at The Jewish Caring Network:
    A thank-you note is inadequate to convey the proper thanks and appreciation due for the numerous ways The Jewish Caring Network has touched and helped our family during our trying times.

To go back to the beginning, The Jewish Caring Network was there for us offering gifts, assistance, and services—you name it. Although we were inundated with calls and offers from friends and family as well, as time went on, the calls came less frequently. However, The Jewish Caring Network never forgot about us, always offering us support to help to ease our load. Our family coordinator is very sensitive to our needs and wants, giving in a way that helps us maintain our dignity. Although it is very hard to be in a situation where I am always the recipient, I have learned from The Jewish Caring Network the importance of what to give and how to give. What to give—to give the family what it needs and enjoys, and how to give—give in a way that preserves their dignity. The Jewish Caring Network excels in both areas.

The Jewish Caring Network was always here for us, no matter what. They were with us as we settled in to new routines, and they were with us as new crises came up. As the mother and primary caregiver, I constantly want to be sure that each child in the family receives the right attention, while simultaneously caring for the child undergoing various treatments. The Jewish Caring Network helps care for me so that I can care for my family. As time goes on, we have had to accept more help. Maintaining a normal home is challenging when times are so intense. It is a tremendous support to know we are not alone.

Our deep gratitude goes to this outstanding organization dedicated to sharing and easing the stress that a serious illness places on the entire family. May you all be blessed with good health and nachas.


Dear JCN,
The Women's Respite Retreat was life-changing. A night away gave me a chance to sleep though the night, some­thing most take for granted.

As the mother of a child with a lifelong illness, you provid­ed me the rare opportunity to relax, just breathe and time to rejuvenate. This enabled me to face the following day of challenges with a smile on my face...I am forever grateful!


Dear JCN,
I just had to tell you how absolutely unbelievable this evening's guest speaker was. It gave my husband and I the strength and inspiration we needed to get through another day. When you invited me, I had no idea what to expect. My imagination could not have come up with what you created! Meeting other people facing the same challenges has strengthened us...thank you...


To the wonderful staff of JCN,
We are overwhelmed by your gifts,
Both large and small
It seems that every detail,
You’ve covered them all.
The Yom Tov baskets were elegant and thoughtfully laid out,
The surprise Shabbos cake arrived just as from the hospital we got out.
Horseback riding, books, tapes, games galore,
And what about all the cases of paper goods,
Delivered to our door!


Dear JCN Friends,
As I write this, my carpets are being cleaned and my refrigerator is packed with food. Long gone are my Passover weeks of matzahs, eggs and gefilte fish from a jar! I thank you for the unending kindness and happiness that you bring me. Thank you yet again for bringing so much happiness into my life.


Dear JCN,
We marvelled at the beautiful package that we got from you,
Then we opened it up and noticed “treasures” inside too.
The beautiful CD we put on to add music to the air,
And all the yummy goodies that you sent, showed us that you care.
We cannot express to you how nice it does feel,
To have friends like you, so sweet and real!


My family and I went down to visit my mother and when we got back to her room there were bags of food. My mother was so touched by the caring and concern that fellow Jews have towards one another, her eyes welled with tears. Whoever put the package together thought of everything from the main dish to nice plastic cutlery. As I helped her unpack her goodies I was so grateful that The Jewish Caring Network was able to take the pressure off getting food to my mother so that my visit with her could be focused on cheering her up.
Thank you so much.


Dear Friends at The Jewish Caring Network,
Thank you for walking this path with me. It is slow and often not pleasant, but you help me to remember I am not alone. In addition to sunshine and the physical beauty of nature, the greatest beauty and most lovely gifts are friendship, love and human kindness. In that regard, you help me feel wealthy and grateful every single day.
Thank you for sticking by me.




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