The Shaina Leiba Pesach Respite Project

Funds raised will aid families by reducing their workload, enabling them to care for their ill family member and transition into Pesach in a more relaxed, calm state.

The Rachel Minkove "There's Always Room For ‎One More" Yom Tov Fund

Funds from the Rachel Minkove Fund ensure that families facing a life-threatening diagnosis have what they need for Yom Tov.

The Max & Lea Rothstein Foundation Summer Camp Program
JCC-FunDay2009-MarkA wonderful program that provides families with the ability to send children to summer camp.

The Elliot Shimoff Sunday Funday Program
A very special program that enables the families to forget their problems for the day.  This program sponsors activities like Build-A-Bear, Amazing Glaze and pizza parties. 

The Eliezer Hollander Children's Educational Fund
An individualized service that provides tutoring, school supplies, tape recorders, video hook-up and computer equipment.

The Phyllis C. Keyser Memorial Simchas Yeladim Fund
Provides toys and Chanukah gifts to ill youngsters and their siblings.  In addition, this fund sends families on trips to places such as Hershey Park, the circus and provides families with memberships to facilities like the National Aquarium and the Baltimore Zoo. 

The Odelia Fund for Special Children
SchoolSuppliesBenefits ill children and their families in a variety of unique ways. 

The Rabbi Ervin Preis Nursing Care Fund
Assists with nursing care when insurance no longer meets the family needs.

The Chaviva Englesberg Supplemental Health Fund
Sponsors alternative treatments and therapies which are often not covered by insurance.

The Ken Gradon Travel Fund
Sponsors travel costs that allow out-of-town visitors precious time to spend with their loved ones. 

The Molly and Maurice Strauss Purim Fund
Provides and distributes magnificent Purim packages to our families.

The Sarah bas HaRav Chaim Simchat Adar Fund
Programs and FundsEnhances Purim with an elegantly catered meal for the holiday, as well as a catered Shabbat meal before or after Purim. 

The Baruch ben Ephraim Fund
Provides elaborate holiday packages to help brighten up the holidays. 

The Sara Lee Evans Rosh Chodesh Fund
Provides special gifts and funds for hospital parties and family simchas.

The Gecel Karp Cleaning Fund
Provides funds for weekly cleaning help.

The Naftali Salow Book Fund
JCC-FunDay2009-FacePaintingProvides books and magazines to our in-home and in-hospital families. 

The Sara Leah bas Yehuda Shabbat Flower Fund
Enhances the lives of our families by providing them with flowers for Shabbat and Holidays.

The Stewart Pensak Yom Tov Jewish Holiday Clothing Fund
Provides gift certificates to local establishments to ensure families have beautiful outfits for Shabbat and Holidays. 

Misc1 PackageThe Wolf Koladicki Kosher Butcher Fund
Provides meat packages for patients with special dietary needs.

The Zev Ben Yosef Shabbos Nachamu Fund
Provides food for Shabbat Nachamu.

The Lasson Shabbat Special Fund
Provides special treats for Shabbat & Holidays.

The Chana Bas Yosef Aryeh Zev Flowers for Pesach Fund
Misc6 GiftPackageSends beautiful flowers to our families for Passover.

The Dale Meyerhoff Music Enrichment Fund
Provides music lessons to children diagnosed with a life-threatening illness.

The Dr. Laura Einhorn-Monast Memorial Fund
Provides free open access to our Phone Tree Service, which gives notification to the Baltimore community when someone is sitting Shiva.

The Anna & Joseph Horwitz Memorial Children's Fund
Provides tutorial and mentoring services to children diagnosed with life-threatening illnesses enabling them to continue their studies and reach their full potential. 



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